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Yu-gi-oh Z
Episode 6:
Yugi’s date, the four-star ball.

AAG: (Has Yami Yugi bound and gagged): Previously on Yu-gi-oh Z, Seto Kaiba doesn’t believe in the Dragonballs. He thinks that they are just magical tennis balls.
AAG2: (apologizes for being late, and takes over) But Seto, Where’s your duel disk??
Also, Master Roshi, leave Tea alone,
YY: (breaks free of his bindings) She is the Pharaoh’s queen. If the turtle hermit touches her again, he will face the Pharaoh’s wrath! Also Yugi and co start to look for the dragonballs. Will they find the dragonballs and succeed in their quest to bring Atemu back to life?
AAG2: Find out today on Yu-gi-oh Z!

“The Dragonball is only 10 km in that direction.” Bulma said, keeping her eyes on the Dragon radar as they walked down the bustling streets of San Francisco.

Every step they took brought Tea Gardner closer to seeing her love reborn.

Bulma stopped short, “Guys, the Dragonball is coming our way.” She said.

Rebecca Hawkins skipped down the street, wearing her new necklace. Suddenly she stopped short, wondering if she would ever see Yugi again. Little knowing that the orange ball on her necklace would grant her wish.

She failed to notice the huge group of people that started to follow her.

“There it is!” Bulma said trying to cover up the Dragonradar’s alarm, “the young blonde has it”

Yugi gasped “oh no. Not Rebecca!” He shuddered remembering the time she had kissed him on the cheek. It had been to make Tea jealous.    

AAG: A few minutes later.

“Can I see it?” Tea asked Rebecca. She nodded, “I have an idea to what it is, but DBZ is just an anime.”
Tea shrugged It’s more real than you know, Rebecca, btw you can have Yugi, he and I are just childhood friends. She thought silently, aloud she said “Maybe, but still Yugi and I are searching for the Dragonballs to bring back Atemu.”
“You think that’s what this is?” Rebecca asked `Why would she want to bring him back?` She silently mused.

“Excuse me.” Goku said breaking Rebecca’s train of thought. “The world is in danger. We really need that dragonball.”

The young blonde was silent, she smirked fiendishly.
“If you want my necklace, then…” she began
I have to see Yugi, my heart burns for him, as much as Tea’s burns for the Pharaoh!

“Then what?” Tea asked, hiding Yugi behind her. She knew of the young blonde’s crush on Yugi, but somehow felt no jealousy.  Her mind took her back to that night…

Yugi had debated on whether or not to breakup with Tea. He cared for her, and didn’t want to see her heartbroken. Unfortunately it had to be done; they were best friends, not anything more.
“It’s not working out is it?” Yugi asked her. Tea shook her head.
“Yugi, I do love you, but not like this.” She replied, “I hope you can understand.”

He said nothing, but knew that Tea was right. They had started dating because Yugi had shared the same body as Atemu.     
Tea hated that reason. Yugi deserved someone else. (A/N: think Simon & Rose in 7th heaven.) Someone who could love him for him. Not for the Spirit of the Puzzle who once shared his body.
Tea is my childhood friend, but the “lovely two” was right. We’re just not a match. Yugi thought silently. Now I know which one of us she really loved.

“Yugi, I think we need to see other people.” Tea said controlling her tears. “I love you, but you’re not that special someone, so let’s just be friends.”

“I was thinking the same thing Tea, Sayonara.” Yugi replied heading for the game shop.

Tea ran to the arcade where she and Yami went to on their first “date” (a/n: Ygo ep 53 & manga vol 10) seeking solace on the Dance Dance Revolution stage.

He’d want me to fulfill my dreams. Tea thought, but I truly miss the Pharaoh. Atemu.  
She let the music take her away…

End flashback.

“… Then Yugi has to go on a date with me.” Rebecca finished, smirking. Yugi’s face paled “No, Tea please!” he cried.

Some random Yu-gi-oh fanboy ran up to the group. “Hey,” he cried “Rebecca, you’re way to young for Yugi. He’s eight years older than you. Go out with Leon, you two would make such a cute couple.”

Rebecca was furious, looking the fanboy straight in the eyes. She whispered through clenched teeth “The stupid editors have my age wrong, I’m four years younger than Yugi, not eight! Fire Princess! ATTACK!” she cried, attacking the guy with her favorite monster.  

Feeling much more relieved Rebecca returned to them.
“Yugi has to go on a date with me.” She stated again, smirking.

Mai chuckled, This would be fun. Yugi’s a cute kid, but honestly I’m not going to stop this from happening.

“Joey, Mai, please! I don’t want to…” Yugi pleaded, the two blonde duelists turned deaf ears to him.

“Sorry, Yugi, but we really need this Dragonball.” Goku said, shaking his head. But relax, she’s probably not as spastic as Chi Chi. He whispered into Yugi’s mind.

Yugi shook his head in defeat. He held his deck tightly in his hands. Atemu, I really wish you could take over. He cried.

AAG2: Back at King Kai’s planet, Atemu had just hit Gregory over the head and was now learning a new technique…

“I’ve never tried this technique with Goku, but from what I’ve seen you do Pharaoh, you can handle it.” King Kai said.

“What is it?” Atemu asked, hammer still in his hand.

King Kai ordered Mahado & Mana to chase Bubbles. “Just don’t use your magic.” He added. Looking at Atemu he thought I hope I don’t regret this.

Atemu chuckled softly, “Yugi, you can handle this.” He whispered.

“Handle what?” King Kai asked, showing the first part of the technique.

“I have to tell Yugi that he can handle dating Rebecca.” The Pharaoh replied. King Kai turned away from him.
“Place your hand on my back.” Trusting in his new teacher, Atemu obeyed.
Aibou? Atemu asked Are you there?

YY: When he heard my, I mean Atemu’s, voice Yugi gasped

*Mou Hitori no Boku?!!* He asked, quickly glancing around wondering where Atemu was.
*Where are you?* He asked.
**I’m in the afterlife, training with this King Kai. He seems to know your friend Goku and that you’re looking for the dragonballs to wish me back. **
“Atemu?! Is that you?” Tea gasped, trying with no success to hide her thoughts from him.

Tea? He asked I wish I could have told you before, but I love you. Tears were starting to run down her face as he confessed his true feelings.

She yearned to kiss him, to let him know that the feelings were more than mutual…

“And I you.” She replied, tears running in rivulets down her cheeks, feeling warmth from the cartouche.

Right then Atemu wished he could take over Yugi’s body again, just so that he could hold her close, and kiss away the tears.  

“We’ll bring you back” Tea cried, “My love, we’ll bring you back.”
Atemu felt tears run down his face. He wanted to be there with her. “I’ll be with you in your dreams, until then.” He cried.

King Kai wanted to cut their conversation short.
“Aibou, have fun on your date. You can handle this.” Atemu added before removing his hands from King Kai.

“She’s your queen, isn’t she?” King Kai asked, Atemu nodded. “She is.”

King Kai chuckled. “Train with me and when you’re wished back to life, you’ll hold your queen in your arms.”

AAG1: (places YY in a penalty box. Yami sends AAG2 to the Shadow Realm. )Yugi sighed in the utmost defeat, he handed himself over to Rebecca.

“Where to?” he asked. Rebecca chuckled “You’ll see.” She replied, leading him to Fisherman’s wharf.

“Have fun Yugi.” Tea whispered, before they parted ways. Now I know which one of us Tea really loves.  He thought as Rebecca dragged him down to Pier 39.

YY: (Escapes from the Penalty box) Meanwhile in Domino City, Ishizu was shuffling her deck, preparing for the Shadow Games, should they return.

In the back of her mind, she wondered what kind of deck Piccolo would use. She would have to train him, like he trained Gohan. She knew her cards well, and if her brother hadn’t interfered she would have made her way into the final four of the Battle City tournament.

Piccolo wondered why he was drawn to Ishizu. They wouldn’t be able to have children of their own, but that was of no consequence. If she’s going to train me in this ‘dueling’, I’ll train her in my style of fighting. I’m sure she’ll survive it. Heh heh heh.

AAG1: Meanwhile Seto was fuming.
“I can’t believe my Dueldisk is missing!” he roared. Siegfried had challenged him to a duel. Seto wanted to put that pink haired computer hacking freak in his place.    
“Mr. Kaiba, Dr. Briefs on line one.” An intern said timidly.

Seto ignored the girl. “Put it through.” He raged.

“Seto Kaiba, this “duel disk” technology of yours is amazing.” Dr. Briefs’ jovial tone floated over the phone lines.

“I don’t even need to ask if you’ve seen my dueldisk.” Seto replied sarcasm dripping from his tone; “By the way, you’ve made it furious.” He added.

Dr. Briefs’ black cat looked at him as if saying It’s just a piece of technology.

“Tama (1), duelists believe their disks have a soul, it’s complicated. Something about the ‘Heart of the Cards’ I don’t understand.” He shook his head. Little knowing that Kaiba refused to believe that the heart of the cards existed.

“How did you get my disk?” Seto asked, keeping his rage in check.

“Mew.” Tama said, before returning to the doctor’s shoulder.

“You… took…it… APART?!” Seto raged

Dr. Briefs was nonplused “Tama wanted to see how it worked, and took it apart herself.” He replied, smirking. He enjoyed Seto’s expression. He had learned from Vegeta, that Seto was at his best when in a flying rage.


“Your life?” Dr. Briefs asked, “Kaiba, it’s only a piece of well-done technology. Hardly worth dying for.” He added, “By the way, Vegeta wants to fight your duel monsters again. It’s how he’s training now.”

Kaiba scoffed at that, “How,” he asked trying to regain his composure “did you get my duel disk?”

“Bulma gave it to me, she said Mokuba let her borrow it.” The doctor replied, hanging up the phone.

Siegfried Lloyd was standing behind Seto, hearing and witnessing the whole conversation.
“Well, heir Kaiba are we going to duel each other now or not?” he asked smirking at Kaiba’s situation, and enjoying every minute of it.
Seto shook his head, “We’re not.” He whispered through gritted teeth. And Mokuba is dead! He thought bitterly.

YY: Meanwhile in San Francisco…
AAG1: Our heroes split up, leaving Yugi to date Rebecca Hawkins.

“So what are we going to do?” Yugi asked. Rebecca was secretive, and he wasn’t sure if he was going to like this. It’s for the dragonball; it’s for the dragonball. He thought silently.

“Whatever we want to do.” Rebecca replied, holding Yugi’s hand in hers. She took him to a carousel. Yugi reluctantly agreed to go on it.  They rode on horses, yet she could sense that he wasn’t interested.

“Yugi,” Rebecca asked, “do you want to duel me?” Yugi’s eyes lit up, “Sure.” He replied, “where?”

They then left the pier searching for a place to duel. Neither one noticing I2 (2) ‘s main offices were closed. Nor the figure attempting to break in.

I guess he’ll forget about me once he has the dragonball. That’s why we’re on this date. Because of the baka Dragonball Rebecca thought wistfully looking at Yugi. The tri-toned haired teen returned her gaze,

“Rebecca, are you ok?” Yugi asked. Rebecca shook her head.
“No, I’m not. You’re only going on this date, because you want the dragonball.” She cried, nearly throwing her necklace on to the street. Fully intent on destroying the ball.

Yugi shook his head, “At first you’re right, but Rebecca, let’s duel.” He replied, “Tea won’t mind at all.”

Their dueldisks activated.
“You’re right.” Rebecca replied, setting three cards face down. “She didn’t want to kill me.” She added summoning a monster.

“That’s because we broke up a few weeks ago.” Yugi replied, setting a card face down, “your monster won’t last this turn.” He added, summoning Celtic Guardian.
“Think again, Darling. Your Celtic Guardian falls into my TRAP HOLE”  Rebecca smirked. She then played Graceful Charity and due to its effects discarded “Marie the Fallen one” and “Luster Dragon #2”

She summoned “Fire Princess.”… (A/N: I don’t really like writing duel scenes, also I can’t really write them so, y’all can imagine a duel between these two)

Half an hour later the duel was done. “So, you’re free then?” Rebecca asked as they walked back to pier 39.
“What do you mean?” Yugi asked.
“So we can go on an actual date.” Rebecca replied smiling. Yugi toyed with the idea in his mind. He wished Atemu were in his mind so he could ask the Pharaoh’s advice.
“What do you call this?” he asked.
“ A test date, or an exchange date. Because you’re getting my necklace in exchange for this date.” Rebecca replied, holding his hand.
Yugi shook his head, “That doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s make the most of it.”

They spent the rest of the day together, playing various games at the arcade.

As they played the games Yugi realized that Atemu was right. He could handle this date, and the ones that follow. He thought silently. He realized that he was over Tea and that he was falling in love with Rebecca.

After they left the arcade, they strolled to the dock, and gazed at the setting sun.
“Did you have fun?” Yugi asked. Rebecca laid her head on his shoulder. “Mmm, hmm.” She replied.

Yugi blushed, he knew what he had to do. He drew her close and as the sun’s last rays dipped below the horizon, their lips met in a sweet and tender kiss.

Rebecca blushed as they rode back to where the group was waiting.

She handed him the 4-star Dragonball. “As promised.”
He took the ball with one hand and handed her a card with the other.
She blushed as she read the card “New love’s promise”?

Yugi nodded, easily reading Rebecca’s expression.

“So,” Tea asked as Yugi and Rebecca came walking up to the Capsule House’s door. “How did it go?”
Yugi smiled, “It was rocky at first, but after we dueled it was great.” He replied, “And we have the four star ball.”

Yugi walked over to Goku, leaving Rebecca and Tea to have some girl time.

“Goku, I want you to have this.” Yugi said, holding the four star ball out to the Saiyan warrior.
“It’s like your Millennium Puzzle.” Goku replied not looking at Yugi.
“I know, it was a memento of your grandfather, and that’s why I want you to have it.”

“Thanks Yugi,” Goku said, taking the King of Games up in a tight hug.

“You’re Welcome.” Yugi cried, “but I can’t breathe.”  
Goku released him.
“So,” Joey asked, as he and Mai came in from the bedroom, “Where’s the next one?”

Yami Yugi: What and where is the next dragonball? Has Rebecca joined our heroes? Also who wanted to break into I2?  What new Technique is King Kai going to teach Atemu?
AAG 1 & 2: Find out these answers and more on the next episode of Yu-gi-oh Z!

1. Tama is the cat on Dr. Brief’s shoulder’s Japanese name. It sounds so much better than Scratch.
2. I2 is Industrial Illusions, Pegasus’s company.
Yugi's date, the four star ball.

Episode 6 of Yu-gi-oh Z!

Will they get the dragonball? Can Yugi survive a date with Rebecca? And who the heck is the second Annoying Anouncer Guy?

Find out all this and more in "Yugi's date, the four star ball"
blue-fairy-girl Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2006
Good story but tenicaly the 'Lovley Two' was right. It was YUGI'S personal datta in the think NOT Atemus.
HikariShien Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Tea believes in her heart that it is Yami's data. I just don't see Yugi & Tea as anything but close friends. Yami & Tea however... I'll only share him with her.
blue-fairy-girl Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2006
The bell just so happened to go out when Yami pressed the botton. I'm not a fan of a Yami/Atem/AtemuxTea mach up. I'm more of a Yami/Atem/AtemuxAlex (my OC) mach up. And if you've seen my gallery you can tell I'm NOT a fan of Tea.
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